Friday, August 14, 2009

Home Haiku Friday

Finally here for
a weekend, but not for long.
More trips in future.


Looking forward to
unpacking, cooking, cleaning
relaxing, biking.


Summer, where have you
gone? I can't believe soon kids
will be back at school!

Dear Philadelphia Eagles,

I have to say I've been really disappointed with your behavior lately. You've made questionable decisions in the past, like letting Jeff Garcia go, getting rid of Jim Johnson (RIP) and getting rid of B.Dawkins. I've always tried to have a little faith, tried to see it through, tried to think you might know what you are doing. However, employing Michael Vick, to me, is abominable. Sure, everyone makes mistakes. And if his mistake, were, say, hitting a dog with his car, then maybe it's forgivable. However, the long term breeding, torture and abuse of animals over years and years is unacceptable. I'm surprised at the sentence he got (and that he served it without bitching and moaning). I know that the Humane Society is trying to work with Vick to promote awareness of dogfighting in urban areas, especially around poorer neighborhoods. I commend that. However, as a member of my team? No way. I just don't condone it and I am not OK with it. Eagles, I think you've lost me as a fan. I really believe that. I think you are selling your soul to the devil in order to win some games, and it disgusts me. I think about all the merchandise you sell, all the kids that watch your games. All the fans that bleed green literally every time you lose. And I can't believe you would disappoint us like this.
Guess I'm looking for a new team to root for. Perhaps one with a few morals....I dunno, Eli Manning's kinda cute.....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Where have I been? Part 2

A stop at the Madonna Inn. This is their bathroom. For those of you looking for a weekend honeymoon getaway {ahem, Randi, ahem}, you should go here. It's so ridiculous, it's amazing. And also where my parents spent part of their honeymoon.

Eating lobster in Maine. Too much lobster....

Watching the sunrise atop Cadillac mountain, the highest peak on the East Coast, and the first place to see the sunlight in the US. Oh, yeah, this was taken around 4:59am. Whew!

Bah Habah.

Sand Beach, Acadia National Forest. 5:45am


Monday, August 10, 2009

Where have I been? Part 1

San Francisco is one of my favorite cities, and I love nothing more than sitting and watching the sea lions bark and play with each other. I was there for a conference in which I gave my first talk to a "national" audience. I actually remembered to breathe, which was good. And I'm glad to add it to my list of accomplishments.

Another thing to add to my list of accomplishments? Yorkshire pudding. Which came out exceptionally well, considering I was flying by the seat of my pants. Deeee-licious!

A little relaxin' in the yard with Randi and Husband. What a day, what a night.

Kitty thinks she lives in a jungle. Very predator -like.

A Black&Tan with Dad at the local bar.

more to follow....