Friday, August 29, 2008

Historic Friday Haiku

What an historic
week we've had! Celebrating
women's right to vote.


Watch the first female
Speaker of the House call for
the nomination.


The first African
American in the run
to the big white house.


The first woman to
go so far. Eighteen million
cracks indeed, Mrs. C.


I hope he wins it!
I have a dream that we
can do better. Hope!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Don't wait, appreciate.

I've been slacking on the appreciating of my life lately. I've had a great summer, a few bumps in the road to get over, but who doesn't? I got to see one of my closest friends get married, and my best friend get engaged to a guy who seems like exactly the kind of guy I would have chosen for her. I've been there as my Uncle passed from this life into another and I've grown closer to my family than ever before. I've made better friends here and opened myself up to more and more people, reserving judgment and trying (as hard as it is...) to go with the flow. I participated in a major international meeting here at Penn and got to show it off (and the meeting went very very well!) I've made some progress in my work and I'm on schedule to graduate someday, so that's good news. And I'll have the opportunity to meet with and hang out with some of the premier scientists in my field in a couple weeks in this tiny tiny town in Germany. I've got a great house, great job, great boyfriend, great family, great pets and great friends. And I just wanted to acknowledge that because it feels like I don't do that enough.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Didja see this? Amazing.


Went for a bike ride this morning with my boyfriend. It was a nice morning, kinda chilly, but once we got going, it was really pretty out. Went along the loop and Alex got a little overzealous and tried to pass someone on a blind corner. Ended up in an accident with the biggest asshole on the planet. The first thing Alex did was ask the guy if he was all right. The guy didn't respond for several minutes and then just started talking about how his bike was brand new and that it was broken (it was not broken). They guy never asked if Alex was OK, never even said anything to us and started riding his bike away after Alex tried to help him straighten out the handlebars. So, we decided to leave, not really knowing what to do, and the guy let loose a tirade of ridiculousness. He started calling Alex every name in the book, started yelling at him for riding they way he did. Alex was not hurt, he was over the line a tad, but this guy was also going too fast to make it around the corner. He didn't even brake! So, clearly, from an observer's perspective, both were at fault. Alex admitted fault at first and made sure the guy was all right (isn't that what you're supposed to do?) but the guy couldn't get over his new bike being broken (it was not broken). It was clear he has bought some fancy - schmancy bike for $5000 and didn't know how to ride it or how to maneuver it. And it just so happened that we were in the same place at the same time. Figures. Anyways, as far as I could tell, both were fine, a little shaken up, but fine. And the experience could have been so much better if the guy hadn't been such an asshole.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Ode to the Olympics

Dude, I loved the Olympics. For the last two weeks, I've been a couch potato, watching all the events I can see. I never get to watch them all, but I did manage to catch a lot of them. Isn't it amazing what you can do with your body? Isn't it inspiring? I LOVE IT!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Ode to Amoeba Haiku Friday

Amoeba Records
a really great place to buy
used movies and CDs.


Only three in CA
Should be more across the US
'Least one in Philly.


ABBA Gold. Stranger
Than Fiction. Dead Kennedys.
So much to find there.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Did you know?

Our hometown had an Olympian? Troy Dumais, a springboard diver, competed last night in China for the gold. He didn't win a medal, but he rocked the dives. AND? He currently lives in Ventura. Go Troy!

Happy Birthday, Moozipoo!

Happy birthday, kitty Moue! You are so silly and I am so glad I've had you for 8 years! You make me laugh every day, even if you do wake me up at 5am bringing me a kitty toy.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Is my childhood haunting me?

Observe, my caterpillar friend from a few days ago, eating his way through my garden.
Doesn't he bear a resemblance to one of my favorite books from my childhood?
And, of course, I can't forget about Heimlich, my favorite caterpillar...
Oh no! What did I do?!? I killed my childhood friend!

Out of Control

Remember this post? In which I talked about how great it was to have a nice little garden in our backyard and that my boyfriend is turning into a regular farmer? Well, our little garden has quite taken off, as evidenced by the photo below. This pic does not even do it justice, since it's hard to show off the sheer volume of plant mass in the tiny, tiny space we have. We decided to plant 3 (!) squash type plants and they are slowly but surely taking over the yard - pretty soon we won't be able to BBQ! It's pretty funny this adventure this whole gardening thing has turned into. Every morning and evening, we are in the backyard and on the balcony checking out what changes have occurred with the plants. We've been harvesting tomatoes and peppers and can see the first squashes coming up. Our basil is out of control and our flowers and going nuts. It's so fun!If you can tell, there is a vine climbing up the downspout - it's now almost to the balcony on the 2nd floor!

These things (!), whatever they are, will strip a plant of it's leaves overnight. And, they are HUGE!!! That's my hand next to it in the pic. They are a bitch to get off the stem, we had to cut the stem off the plant to get it off. We're still afraid to squish them (too huge!) so we toss 'em over the fence. Blech!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Haiku for the Girls

Way back in the day
Met my six girls in the dorm
We got on real swell.


Fast forward ten (!) years
We're still the bestest of buds
Cheering each on.


Unique endeavors,
opinions, ideas. Still, the
silliness ensues!


Wish we lived closer,
Could talk every day. I'm so
proud to know us all!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up (Yes, I'm a little slow)

This past weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to go to a wedding of one of my college roommates. The best things about this wedding were (in no particular order):
a) it was in the Bay, so I got to show my boyfriend around SF and try to convince him it's a great place to live
b) all 6 of my college roommates attended the wedding weekend and I got to catch up with all of them
c) I got to meet lots of my friend's family and friends from other walks of her life, which was great (and they were all great!)
d) the weather was awesomely beautiful and we spent most of our time outdoors
e) the hotel was really nice and we were greeted with a huge basket of goodies upon our arrival
f) Alex got to meet all of said roommates and their significant others. He got to hang with the boys and he got along great with everyone.
g) the wedding was at a winery and went off without a hitch. I am hoping the three future weddings I have on my calendar go off in a similar manner.
h) they played Jimmy Buffett and "I Will Survive" at the wedding, which got all of us roomies singing at the top of our lungs and dancing around.
i) The photographer told me I was alot of fun to photograph since I was constantly dancing with someone - isn't that what a wedding is supposed to be?
j) We flew Northwest airlines and every flight was on time or early. Minneapolis is a great place to stop because they have lots of moose-related paraphernalia.
k) Public transportation in SF and throughout the Bay is amazing - on time, clean, stops are well pronounced - they even tell you where the cars will stop and people line up to get on the cars! The bus drivers are friendly and helpful and the bus system is so easy to figure out.
l) I got a lovely new ring from a street vendor making them right there!
m) We flew into San Jose which is a little tiny airport, but no lines for security or checking in!
n) I actually sat next to some pretty interesting people on the flight out. Had interesting conversations and learned some new things.
o) I got to rent a cute little yellow car that was super fun to drive (Chevy Cobalt, maybe?)

Very few things went wrong, but since they all went wrong at once, I feel a letter is needed:

Dear PHL,
I fly out of you on a fairly regular basis and I've been to many, many airports. I just can't figure out why things constantly go wrong at your particular airport. I have sat on the ground waiting to take off for hours and I can't figure out if you just are dumb and you schedule too many flights or if you genuinely get backed up every day for various reasons. We arrived early on Sunday night - landed at 11pm (instead of 11:20pm) and there was no place for our plane to park and deplane people. We then proceeded to wait for 2.5 hours on the tarmac for a place to park. We did not get off the plane until 1:30am, at which time all the restrooms are closed. Northwest is handing us vouchers or $25 off our next flight because we had to wait so long. I don't feel like this is Northwest's fault. I think it's PHL's fault and they should have to pay for it. The restroom that was open had no soap and there was a huge line for taxis since the train was no longer running (because, why would public transportation run after midnight?). I think the entire scenario was highly unorganized and not well planned. There should be an area where people can pull up a stairwell and get off the goddamn plane. I have no problem getting off a plane and walking or taking a shuttle. I understand this scenario might involve planning and some form of intelligence, but I think you can handle it. Oh, and while you're at it, could you ask people to be a little bit nicer? I've been to other airports where the TSA is actually nice to you, the people checking your luggage do not grunt at you and the people boarding you are friendly and nice. Think about changing your attitude a bit. It might make situations like this more bearable.
Thanks for your consideration,

Monday, August 4, 2008

Movie Review: Encounters at the End of the World

This movie is the first movie Werner Herzog has done since Grizzly Man, and let me tell you, it's a great documentary. I think I liked it most because it talked to the people who live at the End of the Earth, Antarctica. What an amazing place. No, this is not March of the Penguins (although, another amazing movie). This movie follows the mostly scientists and their support staff who live at the End of the Earth. Amazing photography, witty observances, Herzog's wonderfully dry sense of humor are throughout the movie. The personalities of the people who live in Antarctica 6 months out of the year are fascinating and enjoyable. It's a must see movie - I wish there were more of them like that. Thank you, Discovery Channel Films, for finding making such a wonderful film.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Hello August Haiku Friday

Good morning sunshine
August is my fav'rite month
So sunny and warm.


Vox Populi art
opening tonight
for that girl's sweetie.


Almost time for my
sweetie's birthday. Getting old
is always funnest!

this haiku was brought to you by world's worst haikus, courtesy of ceedee. Enjoy! LOL!