Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Night Ballpark Phils v. Nationals

nothing quite like a trip to the ballpark on a lovely Sat night
Cole Hamels pitching, sun setting

the phanatic, fat and happy, cheering on the team

Ryan Howard hits a grand slam (second HR he hit that night)
that ball hit the upper decks - flew over 475 feet!

the bell rings ('cause that's what it does when you hit a HR)

Brad Lidge closes to finish them off.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Huh? Haiku Friday

Still cold in Philly
ran out of coffee today
library closed, huh?


Visit from a friend
leaving for the peace corps now
Should plan a visit.


Slowly getting back
coffee will help plus more sleep
thank god it's "friday"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Month of May...

During this month, I have:
  • visited four states
  • stayed in three hotels
  • rented two cars
  • driven a stick shift for the first time since 2002
  • attended three weddings
  • been a bridesmaid in two weddings
  • thrown a rehearsal dinner
  • gave a 15 minute talk at the regional meeting
  • fell in love with people from Michigan
  • had a mini high school reunion, and yes, we all pretty much look the same!
  • got two mani/pedis and did not bite my nails at all!
  • walked the dog
  • ate more tri-tip than I thought humanly possible
  • wore a feather boa and a pin with Randi's face on it
  • decided to make friends with the people on the plane
  • circled PHL no less than five times
  • was removed from and re-screened for my flight to LAX due to Jersey douchebaggery
  • took a field trip to the Channel Islands National Park
  • watched my Dad and my boyfriend bond
  • attended a Phillies v. Dodgers game and a Dance Celebration show at the Annenberg
  • played a bit of Rock Band - don't want to toot my own horn or anything, but I did get 100% on "Give it Away"
  • attended one graduation
  • overall, had a blast seeing old friends, making new ones, and hanging out on a mother-fucking boat
Now, time for a nap.....

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dodgers 9, Phillies 2

Yay for the first game of the baseball season! Alex surprised me with tickets last night and we had a blast. Other than being in the nosebleeds and it being frigging freezing, it was a great game. The Phils really did not play their usual game and the Dodgers whipped some ass! I had the obligate 12 year old boys with foam fingers sitting next to me, shoving each other all game long and then spilling their cokes down some poor woman's back. Ah, kids - don't you want to have a ton? Anyways, the ball field is primed to be played on, the game was nearly sold out and I wore my Dodger Blue with pride. Alex, on the other hand, wore his Phillies World Series Champs t-shirt. I guess you might call me a fickle fan, but I don't care. I cheer for the Blue when they're in town and most other times I see them, but I gotta love the Fightin' Phils too. Those boys have a lot of heart and I love to get out to the ballgame and enjoy it. Plus, Chase Utley saves puppies. That's all right in my book.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Mentor No More Haiku Friday

My tiny mentee
Whom I've known for four years
is graduating.


I've advised, listened,
cajoled and teased, supported.
Watched grow and mature.


Cannot put into
words how proud I am to see
her wings spread to fly.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Notes from Chicago

  • Perhaps the cleanest American city I have been to; also the friendliest (which tended to throw us hardened Easterners off track a bit)
  • it was not windy, as it's nickname suggests
  • many of the sidewalks are covered, which is very nice when it's raining (or snowing, I would imagine)
  • The bean is quite possibly the coolest thing I have seen in a park.
  • I still love museums. Especially the Field Museum, which is the Museum of Natural History in Chicago. Something about seeing Sue the T. Rex up close made me happy.
  • People seem to have a lot less anger in Chicago. But the weather is worse. Go figure.
  • the suburbs where we stayed had some of the largest houses I have ever seen
  • if you can stay at a Doubletree hotel, you should. It was so nice. Free wireless, beautiful rooms, comfy beds. And a chocolate chip cookie when you check in!
  • Wyndams are not nice hotels. Don't stay there.
  • Prom is funny when you're not in high school.
  • Getting your hair/makeup done while sitting on a toilet is also funny.
  • I am convinced that my hair can do anything if enough bobby pins and hairspray is involved.
  • Weddings are stressful, even if you are not the one getting married.
  • The bridal party needs food at all times. Someone should get on that. Champagne on an empty stomach is not so good.
  • Walking around a garden in high heels to get your pictures taken kinda sucks.
  • A four hour "break" between the wedding and the reception is too long.
  • Chicago deep dish style pizza is not very good. It mostly involves flaky crust, several pounds of cheese, and pizza sauce on top. Oh, and it takes a long time to cook.
  • Hangovers are the worst things to have when you are staying in a hotel. Especially if you have to leave that day to get on a plane.
  • Sometimes McDonald's Coke is the best Coke I've ever tasted. I think they put crack in it.
  • Poor Alex became the "errand running boy" this wedding. I hope that doesn't happen again.
  • I can now see the virtues of hiring a wedding planner and paying a little bit extra. That way, you don't have to worry about getting the party favors to the reception hall the day of the wedding.
  • Flying while hungover also sucks. Don't do it. However, the flight from ORD to PHL is super short. Thank god for that.
  • Belgian priests with Peruvian accents are probably not the best ones to perform a wedding ceremony. Nobody understood a word.
  • Coming back to work is hard....