Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Are you sure he's not Jesus?

Obama's speech was so right on last night. I am still shocked to hear the term "President Obama". Did that really happen? Oh yeah, we elected THAT guy! Awesome! I really hope he can get most of his legislation to pass. I mean, a President who doesn't deny global warming? Who emphasizes the importance of education? Who tells you that dropping out of school is not an option? Woah! His intelligent yet understandable rhetoric on everything from diplamacy to the economy just rang so true to me. I know it will be a struggle, but I think he has some really great ideas. And I think YES WE CAN.
I also think that the Republican response sucked. I felt like Bobby Jindal was addressing the American people as if we were all 4 years old and stupid.


Randi said...

I will say here the same thing I said on Cod's blog:

Dude, watching Obama speak was like watching an aerobics class. How many standing Os is too many?

Buzz said...

We have to switch yes we can to yes we WILL.