Monday, December 21, 2009

Things I learned this past weekend

we used to have a backyard!

  • Snow is very beautiful and lovely and turns me into a seven year old.
  • There is more than one kind of snow. This particular kind that fell was "light" and "dry", mostly meaning you couldn't make snowballs or snowmen out of it.
  • Snowmen made out of such snow do not look like Frosty the Snowman.
  • The City of Philadelphia and surrounding areas do not know how to deal with the snow in any way shape or form. Case in point, it stopped snowing Sat night, schools are closed today.
  • Snowplows on the freeway travel in armadas, with several plows, dump trucks and more plows. It made me think of Christopher Columbus.
  • They do not plow every street. Especially mine, which is tiny.
  • You have to dig your car out of the snow. Like, literally, with a shovel.
  • Sometimes other people shovel your walk for you.
  • Driving in the snow requires a lot of brake pumping (that's what she said, eh, Randi?)
  • The local news was on all day Sat - covering the snow. At one point, they were literally pulling people off the streets to interview them.
  • Buses, trains and airplanes do not run in the snow.
  • Snow can act as an insulator - our roof covered in snow = warmer 2nd floor of the house! Go figure!
  • Walking in the snow is hard and should only be left to professionals. Or those with Gaiters, Yaktrax and huge puffy coats, like me.
  • People are much friendlier in the snow. Or, only the friendly people come out in the snow. They tell you all about their childhood, their neighborhood, anything. We met our next door neighbor for the first time (lived there for 3 years so far....) I think cabin fever is also involved.
  • Snow falling makes a certain noise that I can't describe. White noise, maybe. And every other sound is muffled. The silence is wonderful!
  • The last time this area had this much snow in December was literally 1909 - it was the storm of the century :)
  • I am very glad I do not drive. I would have killed lots of people.
  • Sometime, when driving on the freeway, cars can randomly spin around for no reason whatsoever. Who knew?
  • Babies and dogs in snow are just about the cutest thing I have ever seen.
  • A shovelful of snow on your head is cold. And wet. And requires hot chocolate STAT.
  • You don't feel so bad drinking the full fat hot chocolate from SBux because you just walked in the snow for miles.
  • Kids really do wear snowsuits. Adults too, Haha!

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Randi said...

mmm... hot chocolate...

That's what she said INDEED!