Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Numbers

  • Yesterday, I ran the Broad Street 10 miler for the second time. I bested my time by 13 minutes! I am paying for it today, however. It's real difficult to get up and sit down. Yes, I am that person in the bathroom going "Unnggghhhhuuughhhhh!" in the stall next to you. Sorry.
  • On Saturday, we headed down to the Runner's Expo at Lincoln Financial Field (Eagles Stadium). Alex got two pairs of socks and I got two running shirts (including one that says "I run this town!" haha!) and two headbands to hold my hair back. It was a pretty good time. 
  • Friday was such a lovely day that we hit up two different happy hours and hung out with some of our friends. It was a great end to the week, for sure. 
  • Since the Broad Street Run goes down Broad Street (which is essentially 14th Street), it completely screwed up all the bus routes heading toward our house. Meaning that we ended up walking at least 3 more miles to get home. Man, was I glad to get home and put my feet up! Ouch!
  • I got two blisters and one bruise from the run. I think I need new shoes.
  • Today starts my last month in this lab - woohoo! I start in my new lab on June 1! I think this month will be "take it easy month" for me. I'm gonna try to work normal-people hours (say, 40 hrs a week instead of 60-ish). Should be interesting! Whatever shall I do with all my extra time?
  • My house is a disaster and I haven't done laundry in two weeks. Oh, I guess that's were all my extra time will go! Haha!
  • The weather has finally gotten nicer. I love to sleep with the windows open and no heater or a/c on. I wish it would stay this way for a while, but I know that it won't last much longer. Soon the humidity will be 80%!

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