Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Numbers

  • These last few weeks have been a little crazy around here. Life is (hopefully) slowly getting back to normal, I think. I'm liking the new lab, things are settling in, and I am learning my way around which is good. In a few days, I will have been at my new job for one month. 
  • On Saturday morning, I've started going to Pilates/Body Pump classes taught by a lovely lady named Katie. She's a former ballet dancer, and as graceful as you can imagine. She kicks my butt by having us do four grand plies on each side - my legs are literally shaking when I do these things. However, I do enjoy the butt kicking. It's only making me stronger, right?
  • This past weekend was pretty fun. We ended up at our friend's 25th birthday party on Saturday night. A nice backyard BBQ, a cute beagle puppy, and lots of food was a great start to the summer.
  • On Sunday, at 0630am, we headed out to watch the Philly Triathlon. Two of our friends were competing in it. The crowds were so crazy that we could barely see them, but we still had a nice time. It was great that we could just walk to the start/finish lines and watch people come in.
  • We posted up on Lemon Hill, a little bit of a hill that was (I'm sure) hard to bike up. So, we hung out with our cowbells and yelled words of encouragement (like, "You're almost there!", "Lookin' good!" and "Way to go, athletes!"). Some people were truly inspirational, like the woman with one leg, the several 50+ year old athletes, and the little 13 year old we saw bike by. Awesome!
  • After the race, we had some people over for a little BBQ. Alex grilled a bunch of pork chops and chicken, and we had a nice time sitting in the backyard, chatting. Unfortunately, I think I am coming down with something, so I ended up taking two naps yesterday (oh, and also sleeping straight through the night, as well). My head is a little bobbley, and I'm home today, working on computer stuff instead of trying to balance on my bike and get into lab.
  • All this illness means that I've not been able to run lately, which is starting to freak me out a bit. How can I run 26.2 miles in Nov, if I'm not running all the time now? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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