Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Numbers

  • On Friday, we headed out the the Art Museum for the Art after 5 exhibit. They had a salsa band playing, and 6 or 8 of our friends from the dance studio were going to do a performance in between band sets. They were doing a dance called the Salsa Rueda, which is really pretty an fun to watch. We had a great time, dancing some salsa and hanging out with our friends. As a bonus, we wandered through the galleries that were open, checking out some Monet and Van Gogh paintings, as well as some weird Jasper Johns stuff that Alex loves. 
  • Saturday, we had a party for Alex's 28th birthday. We probably had 20-25 people here at our little house. It was a lot of fun, as quite a few people came who we hadn't seen in a while, even our friend who is literally 9 months pregnant! It was a great time, with a ton of food, beer and lots of fun conversation. We've got so much left over, I think we should do it again!
  • Sunday was a bit of a "throw away" day. I had wayyyy too much to drink (bad Christine, bad!). I was supposed to run 6 miles, but I sure did not! We stayed in and watched a marathon of MacGyver episodes (holy moly, is that show funny, mullets and all! LOVE IT!). 
  • Today has been catch up day - starting some experiments at work, doing some laundry and doing all the dishes. I'm also in the process of job hunting for next fall. I've got two tentative interviews in the Bay, and perhaps one more up in Boston. Should be fun and interesting!

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Coodence said...

Dude! Rad about the interviews! Come back to California!!