Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Mouse in my House

I have a lot of catching up to do with this here blog, and I guess there's no time like the present to get started on that! Since I love to regale you with stories of my ever exciting life, I thought I'd tell you a tale of one of the first days we came home after the honeymoon. I went upstairs after a questionable long day at work, looking for my wonderful LL Bean slippers. I took off my shoes and slipped my bare feet into my lovely slippers and there was something warm and furry in my shoe. Thinking that Moo had somehow showed her toy in there, I looked in my shoe to pull it out. Nope, two little beady eyes staring right back at me. A mouse! In my shoe! I had my bare foot against it! Where was my cat? Why did she not do anything about said mouse? I screamed my head off and Alex came rushing upstairs to see what was wrong. He laughed a bit, said I had given the mouse a good scare, and promptly took the little thing outside to "let it free". It took me a while to get over my heart attack at finding a mouse in my shoe. I have to say I am quite glad that it didn't bite my toes - that would have really made me mad! So, then, of course, I had to clean out the kitchen to find places to put all of our wedding presents. I found evidence of a little mouse freeway in one of our kitchen cabinets (the one where we keep pots and pans, not any of our cabinets with food). I am unsure if the mice moved in because we were gone for a couple weeks (and so was Moo), or if we've had mice all along and our cat should no longer be called a cat anymore (perhaps just a pet?). I've always prided myself on being mouse-free, especially in a city where mice and rats are rampant and most of my friends have had significant mouse problems. It also made me miss Kitty, my other cat we had to put to sleep nearly two years ago. She was a phenomenal mouser, and oh so proud to bring you the leftovers. As Alex says, perhaps it's time for a "cat upgrade"! Haha!


Randi said...

We had a mouse in the sunroom. And Kiyah watched it wander around. I hate Kiyah now.

Randi said...

Oh and PS? I once had a similar experience when I put my shoe on but it was a cockroach. BLARCH