Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Numbers

  • You guys! We got a new car! It's a super cute Chevy Sonic and we love it! It had to come to us from across the state, so it's already got about 600 miles on it. We put about 30 on her this week. Its great to have the freedom to just go, get out of town, for a few minutes. The downside? We have NO idea where we are going! With such limited travel knowledge, we are a little lost. Good thing we have maps and iPhones!
  • This past weekend was pretty crazy busy! We picked up the car on Friday afternoon. Funny thing? They lost it for a minute! Yeah, it's an orange car and they lost it! Although, it is kinda small, and it's a manual, so maybe someone just took it for a joy ride. I wouldn't blame them :)
  • Our friends M&D came into town for the last time ever. They are moving to Salt Lake City, Utah, and are headed out there next week. They came up for one final hurrah, which was great. We hit up City Tap House, which has this great roof deck with big old firepits all over the place. It was really nice and a lot of fun to catch up with old friends.
  • On Saturday, we had a bunch of errands to run. I got my hair cut, Alex hit up work, then we went to the grocery store and to get a propane tank. The whole time, Alex was texting people, and he said he wanted to have people over for a BBQ. I said, cool, what time? Oh, at 2pm! It was, like 1pm and we were just leaving the grocery store - how can we pull this off? Well, turns out, we have super cool friends. Some friends brought over some ice cream, we made potato & macaroni salads and some burgers and we had a great old time. It was lots of fun to have people over and it was great to have some nice weather to hang out in. 
  • That night, everyone went out to a local bar and hung out. Bummer thing was, I had to work. It's a long story, but I have been struggling to get a paper submitted with my old boss (from my thesis, yeah, 1 year ago!). He's been having some family problems, and we've been in and out of touch for a while now. Finally, he told me to do a few things to get this paper submitted, and I hadn't had time to do that for a while. So, finally, on Saturday night around 10:30pm, I was uploading our response to reviewers and our figures to the server at a journal. It was submitted officially at 2:30am Sunday morning. I guess what I've learned about science is that everything is anti-climatic. So, while I'm glad to have this paper off and submitted, I am worried about what will be said about it and whether it will generate more work for me in the long run. Hopefully not.
  • Yesterday, I was useless. We hung out with M&D for a while, then they got on the road to Baltimore for the last time. It was rainy and cold so I cleaned up a bit, but really, just took a nap, watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding for about the one billionth time and did absolutely nothing worthwhile at all. Alex and I started watching this TV show about the Iditarod in Alaska. Crazy stuff, yo. Other than that, a pretty chill day.
  • Today, I have about a million things to get done. I am unsure how everything will get done, but that's OK. I sold a bunch of stuff on ebay, so I have about 12 packages to mail out today. Good thing I have a car. I also need to hit up Target and TJs, and actually get some work done. Should be fun!

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Randi said...

Nice to see you blogging again, babe.