Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Two Review Tuesday

Last night we partook of the meal that is Buddakan. This restaurant is also in NYC and I think Atlantic City. It's one of those "Asian Fusion" types, but i must say it was delicious. It's located in the heart of Old City, where a lot of people want to be seen. We went with a group of grad students from Penn and a visiting professor from the University of AZ in Tucson. The meal was delectable, the conversation was fascinating and it gave me a lot of enthusiasm for science, which is great because most of the time it frustrates me to no end. Anyways, all around good experience, and great meal. I highly recommend it.
This past weekend we also took the opportunity to watch Pretty in Pink starring Molly Ringwald, Andrew McCarthy and Jon Cryer. I love, love, love this movie. Not only for the nostalgia it brings me back to, the quirky costumes or the fact that I could never believe Molly Ringwald is from "the wrong side of the tracks". It's more for the simplicity of the movie. The sheer fantasy of it all. Nobody's in some twisted love triangle, no on is sleeping with someone's mom, etc. It was a great flashback, and one I highly recommend.

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