Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Some Sound Advice

Taking the red eye back to the East Coast and getting stuck with the middle seat - let me tell you, not the best idea I've had in recent times. I took a Tylenol PM before boarding, but just could not fall asleep well. Ended up twisting my neck around so I could lay my head down on the tray table thingy- remember naptime in elementary school? Not quite as comfortable. Then the tiny woman next to me decided to use me as a pillow for part of the trip, while the guy on my other side slept like a baby (jealous much?). I got in to PHL on time, but felt drunk/hungover/high or something like that. Made it home where I happily crawled into bed next to Alex and slept for a few hours. Made my way into work waaaay late yesterday, thinking I could function, but that's not really the case. I was mostly tired blabbering all day long. Took a nap upon coming home and went to bed around 12 last night. Finally woke up this morning feeling mostly me again - jeez! Red eye travel just not for me!
BUT, I did have a wonderful / sad / emotional / beautiful time in sunny CA. I will post some pics coming up. And some advice for you? Check out my cousin's website. Her name's Adrian and she has a voice that will knock your socks off! She sings "cowboy" music, but don't let that name fool you. She's written all her own stuff, has a CD out and is just a great entertainer. Go ahead, check her out!

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