Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Philadelphia Freedom

I love this time of year. I've decided that 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. No presents to buy, no trips to make, lovely weather, no work! The 4th on Philly is the best I've ever experienced. Of course, there's the whole history thing: that our nation was birthed right on the steps of Independence Hall. There's lots of people dressed up in funny old-fashioned clothes and frequent spottings of Ben Franklin. Everything's open and busy, with lots of tourists in town to check out the festivities. And the party goes on for a week! There's this big celebration called Welcome America! which has a TON of stuff for free going on all over the city. It's such a great way to celebrate the holiday and the summer. We're planning on BBQing on Fri and then checking out all the fun stuff going on on Sat and Sun. I mean, can you top a free concert by John Legend, another free concert with Boyz II Men (you know you still have their tape!), an ice cream festival for all you can eat ice cream for $5, a free Philly Pops concert in front of Independence Mall, a Fiesta on the Parkway in front of the Art Museum and a Taste of Philadelphia down at Penn's Landing. Top this all off with fireworks every night at the Art Museum or at Penn's Landing and you have one fun weekend ahead of you. And I think I'll need that detox yoga class on Monday. Y'all enjoy the holiday!
Happy Birthday, USA!

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Randi said...

YAY! That sounds like so much fun!!!