Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Don't wait, appreciate.

I've been slacking on the appreciating of my life lately. I've had a great summer, a few bumps in the road to get over, but who doesn't? I got to see one of my closest friends get married, and my best friend get engaged to a guy who seems like exactly the kind of guy I would have chosen for her. I've been there as my Uncle passed from this life into another and I've grown closer to my family than ever before. I've made better friends here and opened myself up to more and more people, reserving judgment and trying (as hard as it is...) to go with the flow. I participated in a major international meeting here at Penn and got to show it off (and the meeting went very very well!) I've made some progress in my work and I'm on schedule to graduate someday, so that's good news. And I'll have the opportunity to meet with and hang out with some of the premier scientists in my field in a couple weeks in this tiny tiny town in Germany. I've got a great house, great job, great boyfriend, great family, great pets and great friends. And I just wanted to acknowledge that because it feels like I don't do that enough.

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Randi said...

Yay, dude! It really is nice to stop and count your blessings every now and then.
I'm glad you approve of Dr. Brad.