Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Out of Control

Remember this post? In which I talked about how great it was to have a nice little garden in our backyard and that my boyfriend is turning into a regular farmer? Well, our little garden has quite taken off, as evidenced by the photo below. This pic does not even do it justice, since it's hard to show off the sheer volume of plant mass in the tiny, tiny space we have. We decided to plant 3 (!) squash type plants and they are slowly but surely taking over the yard - pretty soon we won't be able to BBQ! It's pretty funny this adventure this whole gardening thing has turned into. Every morning and evening, we are in the backyard and on the balcony checking out what changes have occurred with the plants. We've been harvesting tomatoes and peppers and can see the first squashes coming up. Our basil is out of control and our flowers and going nuts. It's so fun!If you can tell, there is a vine climbing up the downspout - it's now almost to the balcony on the 2nd floor!

These things (!), whatever they are, will strip a plant of it's leaves overnight. And, they are HUGE!!! That's my hand next to it in the pic. They are a bitch to get off the stem, we had to cut the stem off the plant to get it off. We're still afraid to squish them (too huge!) so we toss 'em over the fence. Blech!

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