Friday, April 24, 2009

Women's Health Haiku Friday

Health and medicine
better in third world countries
than here. What's the deal?


Better than a pap
smear Qiagen makes a test
directly for HPV


Leaves no question of
which strain you might have and the
prognosis. Wake up!

Dear Health care providers:
This test from Qiagen requires a vaginal swab and is quantitative rather than subjective (as pap smears are). It has been tested for over seven years now (mostly in India) and has proven more effective at identifying infection by HPV as well as the strain of HPV infecting the person (not all strains are the same; some cause cervical cancer or are related to other cancers, others seem to cause minor local infections which disappear over time). Wouldn't you want to know which one you might have? Considering over 50% of us women have been exposed to HPV - shouldn't we in the US have access to this test? Shouldn't women (like my mom - who had a radical hysterectomy in her late 40s) be more confident in a diagnosis of cancer (other than just saying "abnormal cells")? Wake up, medical community! Get the tests out there to the people! And start making preventative medicine actually preventative.
Concerned Citizen Ceedee

If you would like to know more about this here's the NYTimes article from a few days ago.

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