Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Notes from Chicago

  • Perhaps the cleanest American city I have been to; also the friendliest (which tended to throw us hardened Easterners off track a bit)
  • it was not windy, as it's nickname suggests
  • many of the sidewalks are covered, which is very nice when it's raining (or snowing, I would imagine)
  • The bean is quite possibly the coolest thing I have seen in a park.
  • I still love museums. Especially the Field Museum, which is the Museum of Natural History in Chicago. Something about seeing Sue the T. Rex up close made me happy.
  • People seem to have a lot less anger in Chicago. But the weather is worse. Go figure.
  • the suburbs where we stayed had some of the largest houses I have ever seen
  • if you can stay at a Doubletree hotel, you should. It was so nice. Free wireless, beautiful rooms, comfy beds. And a chocolate chip cookie when you check in!
  • Wyndams are not nice hotels. Don't stay there.
  • Prom is funny when you're not in high school.
  • Getting your hair/makeup done while sitting on a toilet is also funny.
  • I am convinced that my hair can do anything if enough bobby pins and hairspray is involved.
  • Weddings are stressful, even if you are not the one getting married.
  • The bridal party needs food at all times. Someone should get on that. Champagne on an empty stomach is not so good.
  • Walking around a garden in high heels to get your pictures taken kinda sucks.
  • A four hour "break" between the wedding and the reception is too long.
  • Chicago deep dish style pizza is not very good. It mostly involves flaky crust, several pounds of cheese, and pizza sauce on top. Oh, and it takes a long time to cook.
  • Hangovers are the worst things to have when you are staying in a hotel. Especially if you have to leave that day to get on a plane.
  • Sometimes McDonald's Coke is the best Coke I've ever tasted. I think they put crack in it.
  • Poor Alex became the "errand running boy" this wedding. I hope that doesn't happen again.
  • I can now see the virtues of hiring a wedding planner and paying a little bit extra. That way, you don't have to worry about getting the party favors to the reception hall the day of the wedding.
  • Flying while hungover also sucks. Don't do it. However, the flight from ORD to PHL is super short. Thank god for that.
  • Belgian priests with Peruvian accents are probably not the best ones to perform a wedding ceremony. Nobody understood a word.
  • Coming back to work is hard....

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Randi said...

Hey pretty lady!
Buzz was totally the errand boy at Curtis's wedding. I hope that we don't abuse Alex.

I want to see pictures of you in your dress!!!!