Friday, November 20, 2009

A Poem about Running

As and ode to my health, to prove I'm not old,
I am running on Sunday, even in the cold.

The last day I can say: I'm but thirty 0ne
Thirty two I will be on Monday - hope it's fun!

While I'm running the course with thousands of others
I'll be thinking of you and everyone's mothers.

So, if you happen to wake early on Sunday morn,
Think of me and the thousand of others in the Philly marathon!

I'll be huffing and puffing long before eight,
here's to the weekend! I hope it will be great!


Randi said...

Super cute poem, dudie.

I hope you said "mothers" like I heard you say "mothers" in my brain whilst I read this.

Happy Early Birthday, Crusteja!

Randi said...

Hey, happy birthday!

Coodence said...

Good one, Crust!

I'm reading Murakami's What I talk about When I talk about running. It's terrific. You might enjoy.

Happy Birthday!