Wednesday, May 5, 2010


  1. Both Alex and I ran the Broad St. run last Sunday. 10 miles from start to finish. The weather decided to change rapidly right before the race and it turned out to be 90 and humid (instead of the 60 and not humid it had been the week before). Nothing can really prepare you for that, let me tell you. I ended up walking a bit of the run, trying to take it easy on my body, and I did the whole run in about 2 hrs. Not record time at all, but something I am proud of. 10 miles seems far, even now!
  2. We are moving in less that two weeks to a house we finally got the keys for last night. People actually said "hi" to us as we walked down the block. Weird, but nice! And the house is totally new all over - stainless appliances, new paint, jacuzzi tub, new windows, heater, a/c. And a 75 gallon water heater. I am pretty sure we will NEVER run out of hot water!
  3. My computer broken. I mean, like, really broken. The screen went blank and apparently something in my motherboard died. So, it's been sent off to Apple land to be fixed. Hence, no pictures or anything interesting like that for at least two weeks. I am working off a computer in lab, which is kinda a pain.
  4. This weekend, we are having engagement pictures taken. Don't tell my mom. It's gonna be a surprise late Mother's Day gift sent to her.
  5. I am actually excited about going through my stuff and getting rid of a bunch of it. We are renting a gigantic Uhaul - and we are crossing our fingers it will fit down our street (it's a pretty narrow street)!
  6. It's pretty hard to go to work when it's 80 and gorgeous outside. I would be so content to sit outside and read. Man, it's been a loooooong time since I've been able to do that!


Randi said...

Que fancy! I wanna peetcho!

Coodence said...

Let's see the engagement photos, Crust!