Monday, August 23, 2010

Random Commentary

  • I went to Colorado and I didn't want to come back. I am really, really ready to get out of Philly and move on with my career / life!
  • We rode our bikes out to Conshohocken - 30 miles roundtrip. What a godforsaken place of strip malls and suburbia. Holy cow - it was pretty bad. I was glad to be able to check out REI, but pretty glad to get home too!
  • I bought rain pants. They are plastic pants that will keep me dry whilst biking in during a rainstorm. I also got new pedals for my bike and new handgrips. It's the little things in life!
  • I have recently discovered the wonderful world of Etsy. Especially the holiday decorations part. I am a little obsessed. I love holidays and decorations. Makes everything special. I am definitely turning into my mother.
  • Alex and I set a date for the wedding! October 1, 2011. 10-01-11. We'll be having it in Ventura, CA, right on the beach, so it should be pretty nice. Now, I just have to figure out the rest of the details. Like, food, cake, dress, DJ, photographer, rehearsal dinner and god knows what else - feels like a daunting process!
  • I will try to post some pics of my trips sometime this week. Hopefully sooner than later. Ha!
  • I am going on another vacation in two weeks! Yellowstone, here we come!

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