Friday, September 24, 2010

Ode to My Fear of Heights Haiku Friday

Upon arriving
in Jackson, we headed to
see the mountaintop.


Half of the ride was
fine, but the cliffs got to me.
Had to close my eyes.


Wind clocked at 40
on the top. Literally
blew us off our feet.

my shaky pic of the aerial tram as it approached the dock. it was freezing cold, windy and terrifying to head back down the mountain.

Yes, I was a bit shaky, but I made it to the top!

Wow, that view was unreal!

What helped? Moose Drool, a beer from Montana. It was pretty good, and they thankfully sold it at the top of the mountain, in order to fortify my ride down. Also? We spotted a moose and her baby on the tram ride down (no pics unfortunately, I was too terrified clutching the side of the tram to take any pics).

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