Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pet Peeves about the Snow (because, really, what else would I talk about on Feb. 1st?)

  • Able bodied people who do not shovel their sidewalks, and leave them to just turn into an icy death trap for one and all. 
  • Enormous puddles of melted snow at every corner of the street, making it impossible to cross the street without stepping into them.
  • People who drive very quickly through enormous puddles and splash you.
  • Dirty snow. Yellow snow. Orange snow. Vomit snow.
  • Having to ride the bus daily. Having to take two buses to work.
  • Not being able to run or bike outside.
  • The panic/frantic-ness of a visit to the grocery store. You would think everyone is stocking up on food for the apocalypse, the way people shop during the winter. 
  • The lack of quality sunshine.
  • The cold.
  • Unplowed bike lanes.
  • The general lack of plowing in my neighborhood.
  • I miss the feeling of sunshine on my face. Oh, and probably a little bit of Vitamin D as well.
  • The loss of motivation, positivity, and a feeling of general malaise. I feel sleepy without adequate sunshine, I then sleep too much (or, alternatively, not at all) and then I walk around feeling like a zombie for the rest of the day.
  • The general absence of fresh, ripe, tasty fruit at the grocery stores.
  • Snowy streets and sidewalks force me to wear the same damn hiking boots every day. Because, apparently, nobody can be bothered to put a decent sole on cute shoes (all of mine are ridiculously slick on ice/snow).
  • Falling down for no real reason.
  • We just get "dug out" after a snow storm, and another is on it's way - this time, it will leave a lovely inch of ice on everything.
Oho, will I be glad when March gets here (and, boy is March usually nasty with rain and wind, but, man, I will take that anyday over this icy-snowy crap!). And I'm sure we're in for several more storms before the jig is up. Welcome, February. Can't wait till you're over!

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Randi said...

Things I didn't like about snow in Michigan:
1) It was cold
2) Driving on icy roads was scary
3) The many, many layers of clothing I had to wear
4) Slipping on ice
5) Having Brad assault me with snow balls and tease me by standing in the middle of a frozen body of water

Things I did like:
1) It was pretty.
2) I got to leave it behind.