Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Numbers

  • This weekend, we rented a car and ran some errands. Luckily, I found a deal on the interwebs that led to a pretty cheap car rental at the airport. We were given the Fiat 500 - the cutest car I've seen in a long time! I had not even seen one on the road before. We had so many looks, and people talking to us about that car. I loved it and I can totally see why they're starting to sell it here. Super tiny, we could fit it anywhere, but it still held about $150 worth of groceries like nobody's business. Alex was really excited because he popped a u-ey on a tiny road and the car had the littlest turning radius ever. Ah, the fun of driving a fun car!
  • On Saturday, we finally took in the last Harry Potter movie, HP7.2. I know, I know, just about 3 months too late! Ha! I dunno about this movie. I just didn't love it. I thought it didn't begin well, and the things that they changed in the plotline made no sense to me (like him breaking the Elder wand and throwing it into the abyss - I mean, everyone knows he repaired his broken wand with it! Duh!). I guess it was a good ending, and I enjoyed the humor in the movie, because I think it was somewhat lacking in the book. I've grown to love those kids that play the characters, so that was a lot of fun. I think, mostly, that the book was grossly unsatisfying. I want to read about that world again, I want it to be magical again. Therefore, she should write more books, right?
  • On Sunday, we discovered the wonders of Wegman's, a lovely grocery store about 30 miles from the city. We filled up a cart and only paid $150 for our groceries, which was pretty nice (we thought it would be at least $200!). Mostly, it was just a thrill to buy beer in the grocery store - even though that's legal in most states. Stupid prohibition laws in PA!
  • My friend D had her wee baby today. That makes today his 0 birthday! Yay for new babies!
  • Looks like we have about 130 people coming to the wedding. Although I still have not heard from some people (seriously, how hard is it to mail a stamped, addressed envelope? Yah, apparently really hard!)
  • This Sunday, I will be running the Philly Half Marathon, 13.1 miles of Rock N' Roll. Oh yeah! Guess who the headliner is? Yeah, that's right. Brett Michaels, of Poison fame. You know you wish you could "Unskinny Bop" with me after the race! Haha!

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Randi said...

Oh Em Gee I hope you throw your sweaty headband at Bret.