Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rain, rain go away

Family legend says that it rained for 40 days one year when my Dad was about 2 years old. This left my Grandma with three little boys indoors for over a month straight. Needless to say, on the 40th day, my Grandpa came home to a hysterical wife and kids. It was then decided they should move to California, and thus began the family move towards sunny California. I can't imagine that a decision to move came so cavalierly, especially to a family of five, but I'm beginning to see where they are coming from. It's been raining all week, starting Monday night and pretty much not letting up at all. One night, it rained so hard, I literally thought the roof would collapse on us. Everything is wet, and the streets are starting to buckle with all the water movement. The river is the highest I've ever seen it, and my running path is mostly underwater. The rainwater has washed debris all over the place, making even walking somewhat difficult. I've ridden the bus all week, instead of my normal bike commute, and I haven't been able to get my runs in (I no longer have a gym membership since I'm no longer a student). It's been a tough few days, feeling cabin feverish, snapping at people, and feeling so, so tired (for no real reason)! I can't imagine if this lasted for 40 days. I think I might literally go insane. I think it's always interesting to see how people react when something as simple as the weather really changes your whole life. I think I've become complacent with the weather, thinking, for the most part, that it doesn't affect me. I have boots and jackets for the snow, biking gear for the rain, I've got sunglasses and SPF, I'm set, right? But it's not really true, especially since we don't have a car to get around such inconveniences. I'm especially glad we haven't lost power - now THAT is a whole other inconvenience!

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Randi said...

Yeah you should move back to CA. Everyone's doing it.