Monday, January 28, 2008

Rants and Raves Monday

I am really getting into this whole ranting and raving thing. I think because it allows me to vent about things and then focus on positive things which I enjoy. Well, here's your installment for today.
First the rants:
1) The economy sucks ass right now. My dad is considering shutting down his business that he's run for the last 20+ years. He's said that his business has never been so slow in all its life. With the cost of gas and truck maintenance, etc. it's looking like its better to shut 'er down than ride it out. The end of an era.
2) My uncle is continuing to get sicker with cancer. The latest updates are that he's "losing his mind" a bit. I'm not sure if its the medicines / chemo / etc or if the cancer's in his brain. We're all hoping he'll hold out to see his grandson born in early March.
3) My cousin is having a baby shower soon. She decided to have it on the one night my mom is busy (figures). And the gift I wanted to get her is not available online at Babies R Us. Seriously, what is NOT available online?
4) My mom bought me a Sunbeam "stand mixer" for Xmas 2006. This thing is a piece of shit, people. Do not buy this. It has no power, you have to constantly scrape the bowl and turn it and it just sucks. Who designed this crap? I feel bad to bad-mouth a gift, but seriously! Never buy one of these things! I used to love love love baking and now I hate it. (soon to change, see rave below).
OK, now the raves:
1) I went to see Juno this past weekend (as apparently, did everyone else). I loved it. Loved it. Loved it. I cannot say enough about it. It was fantastic, witty, charming, touching, hilarious and very, very real. Go see it. Now.
2) I made my first transaction on Ebay recently. I was very happy with the results. Although I have not yet received my item (I got a used Le Crueuset dutch oven), I was really happy with the ease of bidding, the transaction itself and that this person is now shipping me a really nice pan for only $40! Can't get much better than that.
3) Since I love to cook and ended up throwing my "stand mixer" across the room last night, I decided to splurge on myself and dig deep for the Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I checked them out at Williams and Sonoma over the weekend and I am smitten. With no holidays or birthdays looming in the near future, I decided to spend my tax rebate check early. Now I can bake to my heart's content :)
4) My Power Yoga class starts today. I feel tense in my neck and shoulders and am hoping this class will take care of that. I am just hoping my lazy ass can keep up :)
5) Tonight is the last State of the Union (or perhaps the second-to the last) and we are having a party to celebrate. Alex made ceviche last night, we have a variety pack of the Beers of Mexico and my mom's yummy salsa is chilling in the fridge. Looking forward to hanging out with peeps and just relaxing.
Hope your Monday's good for you :)

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Randi said...

Good on you for splurging. I heart my Kitchen Aid mixer. Red. Hehe.