Tuesday, January 29, 2008

State of Your Union

Did you watch the State of the Union address last night? Alex invited some people over to hang out and cheer/jeer the last Bush address and you know what happened? Only 2 people showed up. I felt sososo bad for him! We had all this food and beer and just 4 of us. We still had a nice time hanging out, but its just a bummer when people don't reply to your invite and no one shows up. Oh well, whatareyougonnado?
I though his address was pretty standard, nothing too exciting. I didn't really appreciate his reference to that stem cell paper in his speech because he has no idea what he's talking about. Maybe I mighty blog about it later. What about his wanting to expand the ability to wiretap American's phones? That seems pretty disturbing to me. Basically, they want to create a giant network that is constantly listening in on your phone conversations, looking for "specific code words". Because using "specific code words" obviously means you are a terrorist. And then they will track you down and take you to Guantanamo. Or something like that. Sometimes I think our government is really trying to replicate 1984.
I went to my first Power Yoga class last night and my teacher is crazy. She's gonna make me do a headstand. Scary! Plus, I found out I have zero upper body strength and today I am paying the price for not staying in shape over the break. My entire left arm is going from aching pain to sharp pain, which is a lot of fun. I am gonna try to get to the gym tonight so I can get my muscles back into shape.
Tomorrow night, we are going to see Avenue Q. I am so looking forward to this and I think it should be really funny and entertaining. Then I really have to get on this paper I have to write by Feb 15th (eek!)
It's raining today, which is kinda depressing. Didn't want to get up this morning for sure. And, clearly, I've got nothing. Have a good Tues :)

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Randi said...

I would have gone to your party if I was local. Or loca. One or the other. Mmmm... beer.