Friday, January 18, 2008


Let's talk for one minute about the boy who was killed by a tiger at the San Francisco Zoo on Christmas Day. Today, the police revealed that they believe the boys were drinking, smoking pot, and taunting the tiger in its cage. How smart is that? Hey guys! Let's taunt a large predatory animal penned in a cage? How's that sound? Dangle a leg over? Stand on the fence? You know what? That sounds like a brilliant plan. Akin to dangling a leg over the side of a boat during a shark feeding frenzy. Go ahead, eliminate yourself from the gene pool before you can pass your dumbass genes on. What is it about people who do not believe that wild animals are wild and therefore dangerous? I think teenagers are old enough to know how stupid this whole thing is. And, while death is a high price to pay, I won't say they didn't deserve it. I think it's sad they won't be charged for anything and the zoo now has to do PR damage control because their tiger pen (built in the 1940s, nonetheless) was a few feet too short. No one thought the animals could jump that high. And while I absolutely do not support zoos in their efforts to cage otherwise wide-roaming animals, I think they are in the right here. And we lost a beautiful and amazing creature because of it.

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Randi said...

Yeah. That guy was retarded. It's sad for the zoo. I'm sure that kitty was somewhat happy there getting good eats and due to some dipshit and his lack of accountability, that kitty is asleep forever.