Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tuesday Politics

I've been hearing a lot of reaction to the whole Spitzer governor prostitute scandal thing lately and some things have started to bug me. A lot of people are blaming his wife for "driving" him to a prostitute. Is this ridiculous? Blame the wife for not doing something right (not wearing enough leather was one man's comment) and therefore nobody blames the man for going out and sleeping with "Kristen". What an absolutely outrageous double standard. If the wife was caught cheating, would it be the husband's fault? For one thing (and I realize this is a little cheesy), this man took a vow to be true to his wife and his family "until death do they part". I realize that marriages and relationships go through their ups and downs and I realize that people do cheat. But I think that this man is entirely responsible for his actions. Nobody (presumably) was holding a gun to his head while he made an appointment with the prostitute. He made a conscious choice to do that action and therefore I think the responsibility is entirely his. And to suggest anything otherwise is speculation and not supported by the facts.
On another note, is it now required to divulge every single unfaithful event in one's life upon entering politics? The newly appointed governor of NY just admitted to an affair, as did his wife. Do I care? Nope. Not in the least. They worked it out. It was part of their relationship, not part of how someone in government operates. For that matter, what is everyone's obsession with sex? I mean, how many of those old, fuddy duddy senators and reps are having affairs? And who cares?
So sick of this entire thing...especially bringing up the Monica Lewinsky thing in relation to Hillary. As if she had anything to do with it!
And that, folks, is my opinion of the day...

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