Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Random Schtuff

  • Randi's back! Welcome home, darlin'!
  • I have at least 5 weddings to attend in the next year. None of them are where I live. Niiiice. One's on Long Island. You'd think there might be something fun to do, since Long Island sounds like an island, meaning there should be beach there, and it's close to NYC, so there should be fun stuff to do, right? Nope, apparently the only thing to do is shop. Which I can do here. For cheaper. I am slowly learning what everyone else around me has been telling me for years. New Jersey and Long Island suck.
  • Headin' out to my first Phillies' game of the season tonight. They are playing the Rockies and the Phillies have so far scored 27 runs in two games to pretty much obliterate the Rockies. We shall see if that trend continues tonight...
  • The weather has not yet been real summer weather around here. Memorial Day weekend was gorgeous: warm, but not too humid, sunny, clear, nice. Today's a bit chilly, but still sunny. Here's hoping the rest of the week goes as well.
  • Prelim season here. I listened to folks give their practice talks last night until 9pm. Seriously a little drained right now.
  • A friend of my Dad's is coming to visit in June - should be fun to show him around and let him check out Philly. Always nice to see folks from home.
  • My favorite undergrad has her last day today - she's off to the Rockefeller for a summer research fellowship. I'm proud of her and so excited to see where she's headed. I feel like I've watched her grow up in the past 3 years while she's worked in the lab. She's such an awesome person. I wonder if this is a bit like parents feel when their kids fly the coop.

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