Wednesday, December 3, 2008

At Long Last

The phenomenal South Street Bridge is closing this coming week. I can't believe an era that started in 1924 is over (thank god!). The bridge, as you can see, is crumbling to bits and I am so glad they've decided, even in this shitty economy, to shut 'er down. For posterity, I decided to take some pics since they'll be tearing this sucker down in a few days.

What I see every day walking to work.

See, the sign says so!

It's become a haven for artists of all types (some talented and some not). I've always enjoyed my walks into work to see what's new.

I personally enjoy the eyeball. Unfortunately, they painted over all the naked pics that were posted.

But, seriously, when you have to repair sidewalks with metal plates, I think it's time to go.

You can actually see the freeway below through this!
And the "turrets" are crumbling beyond belief.

But the view of the city you can't beat. I'll miss you, SSB. Mostly because you're the most direct route from my house to my work. But also, you've represented the crumbing infrastructure and blight that most cities are facing these days. I hope the destruction of this bridge and the building of a new one represent a "new day" for our American cities. And more jobs. And a better economy. And a better President. Oh, wait, we already got that!

1 comment:

Buzz said...

What would be the coolest thing during construction is if they set up a tarzan swing to get from one end to the other. The. Coolest.

Seems like a necessary change, for sure.