Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One Day Late

Borrowed from Randi:
  1. 5 things on your Christmas wish list. An IPod Nano, shirt, sweater, thank you notes, diamond anything :)
  2. 5 things on your tree, (if you’ve put one up yet.) An Oscar, lots of Pooh ornaments, some crazy kitty ornaments, swaddling clothes, and candy canes.
  3. 5 of your Christmas traditions. Christmas Eve with Randi and family, early morning present opening while eating Grandma's coffee cake and pears, a fire in the fireplace Christmas morning, baking up a storm with my mom, watching lots of Christmas-themed movies.
  4. 5 things you like about Christmas. The lights, the chill in the air, the decorations, the cheesy music I can sing out loud, seeing family and friends.
  5. 5 things you don’t like about Christmas. The impatience, the expectation of finding the perfect gift, the debt, too much indulgence, too little time.

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