Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Morning Quarterbacking

This past weekend was great. I'm doing this outreach project with some local high school kids and I got to hang out with them Friday afternoon to come up with some cool science fair projects they can do. I loved chatting with the kids (they are really smart) and I loved getting to know one of the undergrads I'll be working with. It's so great to get out in the community since I'm always just in lab, doing my own thing. I am really excited to see where our projects will go.
Friday night, we watched this weird movie with some friends of ours. Let me tell you, do not watch Gummo. It's horrible. And awful. And just a terrible movie altogether. It was fun to watch it with other like-minded individuals, tho. We had a blast critiquing it fer shure.
On Saturday, Alex and I took some Latin dance lessons and signed up to take some more. It's part of my birthday present, I we had a blast! It was so fun to just let loose, not have to do well, and crack up a lot. We hit the defunct Ben Franklin museum for some giggles and then hit up Triumph Brewing Co for some lunch. We lucked out and scored some tickets to Hairspray for Sat night. It was a blast - I was singing and dancing in my seat the whole time (yes, I'm one of those!). It was a fun-filled day all around. On Sunday, I did some shopping around town and I've started to prepare to head home for the holidays. I'm bummed out that Alex won't be there, but I think it's great we both get to see our families. I am sure one day soon enough, we'll have to coordinate two families, kids, and all that crazy jazz. It's nice to not have to do that yet! Anyways, just a few more days to crank it out and then home to relax. So looking forward to it!

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Can you facking believe it's only 10 days til Xmas????