Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Month of May...

During this month, I have:
  • visited four states
  • stayed in three hotels
  • rented two cars
  • driven a stick shift for the first time since 2002
  • attended three weddings
  • been a bridesmaid in two weddings
  • thrown a rehearsal dinner
  • gave a 15 minute talk at the regional meeting
  • fell in love with people from Michigan
  • had a mini high school reunion, and yes, we all pretty much look the same!
  • got two mani/pedis and did not bite my nails at all!
  • walked the dog
  • ate more tri-tip than I thought humanly possible
  • wore a feather boa and a pin with Randi's face on it
  • decided to make friends with the people on the plane
  • circled PHL no less than five times
  • was removed from and re-screened for my flight to LAX due to Jersey douchebaggery
  • took a field trip to the Channel Islands National Park
  • watched my Dad and my boyfriend bond
  • attended a Phillies v. Dodgers game and a Dance Celebration show at the Annenberg
  • played a bit of Rock Band - don't want to toot my own horn or anything, but I did get 100% on "Give it Away"
  • attended one graduation
  • overall, had a blast seeing old friends, making new ones, and hanging out on a mother-fucking boat
Now, time for a nap.....


Buzz said...

Now that is a busy month!

Super glad you and Alex came out, it was a lot of fun, and definitely a lot of Tri Tip.

Thanks so much for everything ceedee!

Randi said...

A nap indeed. We were so glad to have you be a huge part of our nuptials. And Lord do I need a nap.

Randi said...

Did I mention I need a nap? Haha

Coodence said...

Dude, awesome. Your list looks surprisingly similar to my May listie!