Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dodgers 9, Phillies 2

Yay for the first game of the baseball season! Alex surprised me with tickets last night and we had a blast. Other than being in the nosebleeds and it being frigging freezing, it was a great game. The Phils really did not play their usual game and the Dodgers whipped some ass! I had the obligate 12 year old boys with foam fingers sitting next to me, shoving each other all game long and then spilling their cokes down some poor woman's back. Ah, kids - don't you want to have a ton? Anyways, the ball field is primed to be played on, the game was nearly sold out and I wore my Dodger Blue with pride. Alex, on the other hand, wore his Phillies World Series Champs t-shirt. I guess you might call me a fickle fan, but I don't care. I cheer for the Blue when they're in town and most other times I see them, but I gotta love the Fightin' Phils too. Those boys have a lot of heart and I love to get out to the ballgame and enjoy it. Plus, Chase Utley saves puppies. That's all right in my book.

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Randi said...

¡Vaya con Doyers!