Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Numbers

  • This weekend, we had 4 celebrations to attend. We went to a bar mitzvah, a friend's birthday and then visiting with some friends from out of town. Busy weekend! We hit up one synagogue, one community center, and three bars.
  • On Saturday alone, we took 2 trips on the high speed line, 2 trips on the subway, and 3 trips on the bus. It was a serious public transportation kind of day. It took us about an hour to go about 7 miles. Slightly ridiculous, methinks.
  • Shabbat services were interesting, but nearly 3 hours long. The people in the know told us that they even skipped some parts of the services since there were a lot of speeches and commemorations. There was a man there who survived the Holocaust and was turning 90 years old! I am becoming more and more convinced that no matter what religion you are, services are long and boring. Ha!
  • Yesterday was our errands and working day. It was lovely to fall back one hour! I woke up early, went for a 12 mile bike ride and the headed to brunch with about 20 other people. It's been very cold and blustery lately, so I was thankful to have on my gloves and ear warmers. I spent about 2 hours in lab, setting things up for today and then we headed home to make a huge pot of soup and an apple cake (seriously, I am getting SO sick of apples and apple related items! Ugh!).
  • Today, there is a talk by a famous guy named Mark Tessier-Lavigne at 12:15. Should be interesting, although it will likely be PACKED!

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Randi said...

Bar Mitzvah's are especially boring because they're in Hebrew and I don't speak the language.