Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Numbers

  • This weekend I did a lot of preparations. I ordered our "save the date" cards for the wedding and I ordered our Christmas cards, and I must say I had a lot of fun putting together these things online. There are so many resources that I just love! So, now we get to put together nearly 80 save the dates and nearly 60 Christmas cards over the next few weeks. Should be fun!
  • I received another early birthday present from my parents. They sent me a lovely box of 4 different types of muffins and 2 different kinds of crumpets and 1 jar of pumpkin butter. Yum!
  • This weekend was absolutely gorgeous weather, hanging in the 60s during the day and drooping to the 40s at night. The trees are still changing and the leaves are beginning to fall, which makes a lovely noise. I also love the crunching sound under my feet when I walk over the leaves. Just lovely.
  • We went for a 13 mile bike ride on Saturday. Unfortunately, I forced us to turn around because I am not comfortable riding my new road bike on the actual road. There are too many things to pay attention to, since everything on the bike is new to me. The traffic was pretty light, but between the unknown terrain and the newness of the bike, I don't think I'm Lance Armstrong yet :)
  • I bought my wedding dress last week. After making 2 trips to 2 different bridal stores, I found a dress that I really like. The best thing about it is that it was a sample dress, so I took it home with me that day. I must admit, I've walked around this city with all kinds of things (including dressers and couches) but walking around carrying a 20lb dress was probably the weirdest. I got lunch at a local restaurant and I had to get an extra seat for my dress! I finally got it home after a cab ride to work, and a cab ride home. That was a lot of work for a silly dress :)
  • I spent some time watching 2 episodes of Parenthood, the TV show. I love that show. It makes me want to have at least 4 kids and live in Berkeley. Haha!
  • Today I have listened to my cousin Adrian's album at least 2 times. I might go for 2 more :)

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