Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Things I've Learned: Body Edition

Since today I turn 33, I thought I would pontificate about things I have learned about my body. Don't worry, this won't be anything risque!
  • My body can do more things than I thought it could. My usual limitation is not bodily ability but mental ability. As in: My body is usually fine going for a run or a bike ride, but it's often my mind that will double think and double talk to convince me not to do it. That said, there are some things that I cannot physically do. Certain poses in yoga which require a lot of arm strength are my weakness. While these are things I could improve, I usually just accept my limitations and move on. Things will improve over time. And that's why they call it a "practice".
  • Being tired or hungry is not an excuse to not exercise. When I begin to do something, anything, that feeling usually goes away.
  • Similarly, not fueling my body in the right ways makes me feel like crap. For example, if I eat out at McDonald's, even though it's tasty, I feel like junk the next day (or even within a few hours!). 
  • Yoga class once a week is beneficial. Trying to go more than once a week gets stressful.
  • Anything is exercise, including cleaning the house, dance class, raking leaves or a walk around the block. Any time spent not on the couch is better than time spent sitting.
  • Exercise outdoors, no matter how bad the weather, is always better than the gym. The bad weather makes the shower afterwards that much better!
  • My feet are the most important things in the world. High heels and flip flops are not beneficial. As much as I love those kinds of shoes, I have to limit the amount of time I walk in them because any injury to my feet literally can sideline me for a good long time.
  • I'm over cellulite. I don't think it's that important in the grad scheme of things. And honestly, I don't care if it's showing when I wear my bathing suit. And if anyone else cares? Oh well.
  • Often sports apparel, although hideous, is actually functional. Spandex, for example, or bike shorts with the huge padding for the rear. All functional, yet ugly. I am OK with that. I no longer need to be fashionable when taking part in sports. Similarly, tighter yoga clothes, although perhaps unattractive, are extremely functional (especially when doing handstands or headstands, so my shirt doesn't go up). I'm going to wear them even thought I am in a room full of totally fit kids with amazing bodies. I just don't care.
  • I have big boobs. I always have. There is nothing I can really do about it. They're not like hair that I can magically dye or cut. They're a part of my body. I don't appreciate being stared at while I run. I don't appreciate commentary from bystanders. And I don't appreciate that clothing makers have not yet realized that women come in several shapes and sizes, and that perhaps some shirts and sweaters should come in chest sizes too. I hate having to buy the size Large shirt or sweater for the boob coverage, but then have to deal with extremely long arms and torso on my short body.
  • I have shockingly long femurs. 
  • I have been menstruating longer than I have not been menstruating.
  • While there are still days that I don't like myself or my body, those are fewer and further between than when I was a teenager. I appreciate my body more for it's functionality than for how it looks. And I can still learn new things, sometimes it's just a bit harder than it used to be. And the soreness tends to last longer than it used to. Thank god for ibuprofen.
  • I cannot drink more than two or three drinks in one day. And if it's 3 drinks, there needs to be copious amounts of food involved over a long period of time. Otherwise, the next day is completely shot for me. Honestly, it's just not worth it anymore.
  • No matter how many times you do something, like run, or ride your bike, there is always something new to learn. Always.
  • I don't like to exercise with music (unless it's yoga class). The earbuds bother me, and I actually get more relaxation and stress relief out of running without music than I get running with music. With music, I can't get my breathing right, I am always on the lookout for other runners or cyclists or other path users. And the repetitive pounding on the concrete is somewhat cathartic.


Randi said...

Well said dude. You and your femurs.

And with that? Now that I've had Casey and I see the stretch marks and that my boobs may not be the same size and maybe hang a little lower than they did before, I too am amazed at what my body did and has the ability to do. I just don't care if I'm "hot" any more, though I do covet Rihanna's body at times. I think that might have to do with the fact that I'm married though. LOL

Sassy said...

Happy Birthday!!
Came via Randi...Hope you have a fantastic day!
...and nice senior picture too ;)

Coodence said...

Well said, Crust!