Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Good, the bad, the ugly

The Good: 
  • We got our wedding invites in the mail and they came out really nice
  • I am staying home today to finish up my paper from my old lab (finally)
  • Home is quiet
  • I caught up on a lot of bills and things I had to take care of this morning
The Bad:
  •  I now have to address said invitations to a whole bunch of people
  • The wedding is fast approaching and I don't feel very well prepared. As in, we haven't even bought our plane tickets to CA for the wedding yet.
  • I have a laundry list of things to do, and the list doesn't ever seem to get any shorter.
  • I can't stop biting my nails.
  • Alex's birthday is coming up and I have yet to come up with a present!
The Ugly 
  • Moo caught a mouse last night and batted it all over the house before we could catch it and put it outside. I felt so bad for that dumb little animal, it didn't (or couldn't) even fight back. It just sat there, pathetically. Moo is now practicing constant vigilance here at the house.
  • I have eye allergies that are exacerbated by the pollution trapped here by humidity. This has led to the development of a stye on my eye. Yeah. Awesome. 
  • I had my legs waxed for the first time ever. I am glad to not have to shave for a while, since shaving caused my skin to break out like crazy. But man, oh, man did that HURT!

1 comment:

Randi said...

Between your shower and Casey's birthday I think I addressed and detailed 60 invitations by hand. Good times!