Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Random Snippets Tuesday

  • I went backpacking for the first time ever this past weekend. We headed up to north central PA to check out some forests and some mountains and to escape the city heat. We had no idea it would take as long as it did to get up there, and we ended up changing plans at the last minute due to a bridge washout. We ended up at Little Pine State Park, where we hiked out into the surrounding state forest and camped by a stream for the night. Turns out, I'm afraid of the dark. Every move, every twig snap, I had visions of something gigantic coming to get us. Didn't help that we had come across bear scat on our hike out. 
  • The next day, we hiked a bit around a lake and got to see some wild turkeys and a bald eagle! It was so cool to see and hear the eagle. I started wondering why I knew what a bald eagle sounded like. Then I realized it was from the beginning of the Colbert Report. Oh lordy!
  • We came home and literally crashed into the air conditioned bedroom. No sleep or A/C for one night was enough for me. And the drive was just tiresome. Sometimes I wish we had a car so we could explore the surrounding area a bit better. But then, I see the price of gas and I'm glad we don't!
  • The job search continues, looking for a position, hopefully in the Bay, for next fall. My old boss has been out of touch - on vacation with his family. I hope I hear from him soon, because people are asking about letters for me, and he needs to get those out!
  • In other news, my new boss is out the rest of the week, so we are planning on heading to lunch together as a lab on Friday. I think it should be fun!
  • The heatwave here on the east coast is just starting. I am not looking forward to it. I think that running 4 miles in this heat should be the equivalent of running 8 miles in nice weather. Seems reasonable, right?

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