Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Numbers

  • This past weekend was a little busy, a little boring and everything in between. Friday night both Alex and I were done. We left work at a normal time (5:30) and headed home to just chill out. We drank a few beers and chatted and just hung out which was so, so nice. Normally, life is a little crazy, and lately we just haven't had the time to just chill. So it was really nice.
  • On Saturday, we hit up Wegman's, the nicest grocery store around. They even sell beer there (trust me, it's the little things!). This store is just so nice - it's like Trader Joes' (with their own brand name stuff) and Vons (with popular brand name stuff) all rolled into one. We filled up the cart and spent $187 on food. Crazy, right? But that did include a rack of pork ribs on sale for $10. I cooked ribs last night, and they literally fell off the bone. Delicious!
  • On Saturday, we also hit up Target to check out some cameras. I have had my camera for nearly 7 years, and I've been wanting one to take with us on our trek across the country. It was fun to try out the little point-and-shoots, and we found one that I think I will really like. Then I promptly came home, read the reviews on the different cameras and ordered one on Ebay. It comes on Wednesday - I am super excited to try it out!
  • We also went into work for a bit on Saturday night. I began processing about 60 different samples that I generated last week. That took a while, and I have to got into work today to finish the processing and test all them out. Hopefully at least a percentage of them worked!
  • Sunday was "around the house" day. I did laundry, made the ribs, and I started packing. I packed two boxes, which might not seem like a lot, but it's all the stuff that was in my curio cabinets, so it's both nice and depressing to see those cabinets empty. I also packed a few things that were on the walls. We got a couple large plastic tubs at Target as well, so I think I might use those to pack up some of our linens, as well as maybe the more precious things like our dishes. Although, I already broke one plate and one bowl (oddly, both turquoise, which is one of my favorite colors). Hopefully, there's nothing associated with bad luck in breaking your wedding dishes :)
  • And now, here we are, facing about 8 weeks left here in Philly. The weekends are starting to fill up, and the time here is pretty limited. Here's hoping we can get it all done!

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Randi said...

if there is bad luck affiliated with breaking wedding dishes, i'm fucked.