Thursday, May 10, 2012

A new little addition

Well, that's our little darling, Mr. Kitty. Or Simba. Or Kill Monster. Or whatever the heck you want to call him. Randi found him at her work, he's just an itty bitty thing. My parents are kind enough to foster the little guy until we get to CA in a couple months. By then, he'll be a little terror, I am sure. Should be fun!
The situation has been somewhat comical. I have wanted another pet for a really long time. I've tried to convince Alex to get a dog, or another cat for some time now. He's hesitant because we're moving so soon, so he didn't want to have to cart a new creature across the country. Me, however? I'm a sucker. I'm an only child and I would love nothing more than to fill my house with animals. I know, I'm a little crazy. I am lucky that my parents indulge my thoughts and ideas, however. My parents are great people, just awesome. They have company visiting right now, Steve and Leslie. Luckily, S&L are cat people too. My folks picked up this little guy and took him to the vet. He needs to be syringe fed four times a day, and needs to have his butt rubbed by a wet washcloth to get him to go potty. My mom has him sleeping in the bathtub in their room (with a bed and a litter box). I think this extreme kitten stage should only last about another two weeks, but I have to say they are enamored with him already. My dad has sent me two videos, has skyped with me, and has sent me several photos - including the one above, where he has an enormous bandage on his leg because he got a blood test at the vet. He's pretty helpless, but, apparently a little spunky. He is not eating a ton yet (I am sure that will change soon), but he seems to already have the idea that he runs the place. He has hissed at the dog when her tail whapped him. He will sorta scratch his scratchy post (yes, of course he has a scratchy post- he's three weeks old!). My mom thinks he's figuring out the whole "bathing" thing - he's licked his paws a couple times. And my Dad told me he has reduced adults to crawling on the floor just to hang out with him. I am sure the novelty will wear off soon, but hopefully not before we get to CA to meet this little guy. I can't wait!


Randi said...

Giving that kitty a bath in the sink was about the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. He's a good friend. I am glad we'll be able to stay in touch.

Coodence said...

Extreme kitty stage. LOL