Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I'm still reeling, as I am sure most of you are. We have a new president. An African American president. I remember watching movies or TV shows with black presidents and thinking (literally), "That will never happen" and it has! It's unreal to me, and I still don't really believe it. There are so many things about Obama and his family that people can identify with. Being a single mom, living on welfare, trying to support your family. For once, a politician has spoken to America about things that we face every day. For once, someone has addressed the elephants in the room all over the country. Turn off your TV, let your kids learn something in school. Let's make healthcare affordable, because everyone needs it. The economy is in the shitter, I have a plan to do somethings about it. Yes, I'm black, there are issues about being black, lets talk about them. Jobs are leaving our country, how can we support our families? The world is a scary place, let's try talking to people instead of pretending like we're in 7th grade and not talking to them. Let's get the fuck out of Iraq. Let's do something about Afghanistan. Let's take care of our veterans. Let's get our kids into college and push them to do community service. I don't know how it was that Obama was able to get to the core of our beings and speak to us, not as a black man, not as a politician, but as an American. He ran a phenomenal (and largely positive) campaign that I marvel at. We're dying for some form of positivity. Something that we can rally behind because we've been divided for so long. We've needed this for a long, long time and I am so proud to have been a part of it. I am so proud to have seen it happening. People walking the streets last night, chanting, "Yes, We Can!" People honking horns and hanging out car and apartment windows to shout and yell and scream, "We Did It!" The feeling of elation and giddiness is palpable. It's been a phenomenal run, Obama. I can't wait to see what you'll do next. Congrats, Americans. For once, I AM proud to be and American.


Buzz said...

Great post Ceedee!

Tell A I said hello, keep on having a good one!


Randi said...

Ain't that the truth!
Here's to the future.

Note: my word verification is upepl. Makes me think of gran and "I don't know what you people do out there."