Thursday, November 13, 2008

Know what?

I just feel blah today. It's raining and chilly out and my head's a bit of a mess - the first of the winter colds coming on? Yesterday, I went to a seminar entitled "Finding Balance in your Life". It was pretty interesting, but they spent more time trying to help us identify when we felt out of balance that telling us ways to combat it. I think I've felt out of balance all week because I am writing a paper with the most anal person on the planet. He's been questioning my data, questioning my presentation of my data and been all around condescending and snobby about the whole affair. Oh yeah, AND he's another student. What a pain in the ass. The paper is due tomorrow or Sat, so hopefully my boss will get a chance to read it and make comments on it soon. And it's comforting to know that a few weeks from now I might have my first publication! Whoopee! OK, now I am going to crawl back into my little hole and finish working on the paper....


Randi said...

I will say, "I knew her when she created names like Took and Punah and Losher."

Buzz said...

I work with/for a Doctor who is very similar in personality.

Yesterday we had a discussion about the time he sent me an email.

"I sent it at 11:22, my sent items says 11:22, you should have it. Do you have it? Why isn't it there buzz did you delete it? Please don't delete my emails, I don't send them to be deleted... Oh, you just now got it? Well you need to send/recieve more often then because I sent it at 11:22..."

The time of said discussion?


Long story short, I empathize. It's a constant challenge of patience and professionalism.