Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Philly pride, courtesy of the Cira Center

Everybody loves a parade, even the Phanatic!

I know my pics aren't the best, but over on the left is our mayor, Michael Nutter, with a shit-eating grin, holding the World Series trophy.

Jamie Moyer, Greg Dobbs and Ryan Madson, plus families on one of the Phillies floats.

Jayson Werth and JP Romero waving at us!

It looks like Jimmy Rollins is looking right at us! (L side)

They threw pretzels off of the floats - LOL!

I can't really comprehend how many people were there, but it was a TON! And it was great fun! Congrats, Phillies!

More pics to come, perhaps even videos (which I find quite hysterical).....

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Randi said...

Yay dude!
That's way better than rioting...