Friday, March 12, 2010

Independence Collage

terrible poetry to apologies :)

I've come to believe, the older I grow,
the more I hear music, the more that I know,
it's the songs that I heard, as a tiny wee teen
that most of my life, the most they will mean.

Not sure what that means, nostalgia or what,
I've had these songs in my mind, perhaps in a rut?
All the songs I hear today, all the tunes, all the words
Sound like copycats, reissues; I think it's for the birds.

Lady Gaga, to me, you will never achieve,
the talent, the awesome, Madonna would receive.
Flashback the synthesizer, tune up the machine drums
I've heard it all before, it gives me the ho-hums.

The legwarmers, the neon, the big hair, the tights,
We wore it all better, with more spunk, with more lights.
We weren't afraid to carry the boom box, to shout,
To announce our independence, to earn us some clout.

The movies, the pop culture, the fashion, the clothes,
To me, now, even the teeny kids look like hos.
That wasn't the idea, over sex the whole world,
It was more about statements, a chance to be heard.

I guess that it's true - I guess I'm just old,
there's not much to say, no more to be told.
Just respect your elders, pay us some homage,
Because we all started it, with our fancy plumage.

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