Monday, June 21, 2010

Random Snippets

  • this weekend, headed out to NJ to a BBQ in the 'burbs. It was lover-ly, very nice place, nice neighborhood, great food, great company.
  • made Randi's mom's blueberry cheesecake - like thingy. It was deee-licious. And totally reminded me of summer as a kid.
  • Speaking of remembering, I read an article in Vanity Fair about the making of Michael Jackson's Thriller video (a preview can be found here). It took me back to backyard BBQ's, sleepovers, scary movies, Strawberry Shortcake sleeping bags, Oreos for breakfast, and a plethora of other childhood memories. The funniest part? Apparently, they couldn't find anyone to put up the money to make the video. So they decided to do this new-fangled thing and get some money from a company that would put the video for sale/for rent to the public. Haha! I can't tell you how many times we rented that movie! Over and over again. We likely paid for half the cost of the making of that video!
  • We hung more pictures, and got a little bit more settled in.
  • Summer has arrived! So glad! And, I have yoga today, which is lover-ly.
  • I'm pretty boring - mostly working. However, I am looking forward to being done with this paper and heading out on vacation!

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Randi said...

Dude. 'Member how I was telling you about Brad telling me to delete the music file because of double the space blah blah blah?
Yeah... I listened to him (never again) and lost all of our music. WEEEE!!!