Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Snippets

  1. man, was this weekend HOT. I mean, really, really hot. And the air was stagnant. Here, I thought that moving closer to the park would mean cooler temps, but apparently not.
  2. Sometimes when it's really hot, you actually WANT it to rain. Weird, right?
  3. My cat has lost her mind. She wakes us up at 5am to chat. Really loudly.
  4. We have mosquitoes in our backyard (no big surprise there). Really wish I wasn't such a tasty morsel to them.
  5. I am having to deal with some bureaucratic bullshit lately. It does not make me happy.
  6. I think we are almost moved in. The kitchen is done (thank god), as is the bar (LOL) and the "TV room" (is that what it's called if it's one giant room?).
  7. There is a Veteran's Memorial literally two houses down from our new place. We went there yesterday and watched the re-dedication ceremony. It was nice.
  8. My Dad and his friends rode in a Memorial Day parade yesterday. I think they had fun.
  9. I got lucky today - had to head over to the library, and it rained while I was there. When it was time for me to leave, it stopped raining. Then, when I got back to lab, it started raining again. Sometimes, it's the little things.

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