Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Things I don't understand

  • What about gay people is threatening? We happened upon the Pride Parade this past weekend, and as far as I could tell, it was a bunch of people dressed up, dancing to some club music and throwing a parade. Why are there people threatened by this? What is threatening about homosexuality? Are you afraid they might "getcha"? Like the boogeyman? Lordy.
  • Why would the powers that be allow shallow water drilling technology to persist when drilling deep water wells? I'm no engineer, but I could tell you that the pressure of water that deep is so high, I would automatically think it would require different technology, and for that matter, different permits and liabilities. But that's just my opinion.
  • Along the same lines, why would you let the same government agency regulate the oil companies as well as collect fees from them? Seems a little incestuous, if you ask me.
  • Why would we blame Obama for everything? Why is it his fault that there was a financial crisis? Did we forget that it started to happen (in fact was well under way) when Bush was still President? Also, why is Obama blamed for the oil spill? I am pretty sure the oil spill is the result of faulty engineering and greediness, not from Obama pushing some magic button somewheres and causing the Gulf to explode.
  • Why is this oil spill not causing a more serious discussion of alternative energy sources? Literally half (if not more) of the country could run off geothermal, solar or wind energy. Why is there not more discussion of this? Do we only discuss this when gas is too expensive? Lack of forethought sound familiar?
  • Why are we not investing more money in infrastructure, public transit, making our suburbia more walk-able and bike-able? Europe has been focusing on this for years and years, making train and bus travel very convenient, sometime even moreso than flight. High speed train lines would do wonders, especially here in the Northeast, if they were made a bit more affordable. But public support of public transit is really lacking.
  • On corruption: why are people not forced to pay back money they stole? For example, the person in charge of taking care of juries here in Philly apparently stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from the city. That money was to go towards providing coffee and some sort of breakfast food to jurors when they came into serve. Granted, it's a perk, but it was nice (and relatively cheap). Since the woman stole the money, jurors are no longer provided with any perks, and the lady got off scott-free. No retribution to pay, and she's moving to another state. Shouldn't she at least have to pay the money back?

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Randi said...

I believe what our mothers would tell us is "Life isn't fair."

Being a grown up is fun, huh? Worrying about all this shit?