Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dear President Bush

How is it that you are now pushing for drilling for oil off our coasts when you've (supposedly) been against it all your presidency? Did you do any research before you made this decision? Do you know that all the boats used for drilling new oil thingys are booked up for 5 years? How will this change the price of gas when oil can't even begin to be drilled for for 5 years? Even I can figure this out, and I'm no economist or geologist. Do you really think drilling for the measly amount of oil we have off our coasts will have an effect on gas prices even so? Drilling for oil destroys the environment, clogs up our beaches, kills wildlife. Guess why we exist on this planet? 'Cause there's oceans here. Don't destroy them!
Here's what you should do: Invest in young scientists, engineers, chemists, physicists. Create a group of people geared toward coming up with clean energy sources or improving the outlook for some of the energy sources we have (solar, wind, nuclear). No, I'm not talking about ethanol, which is a crock of shit, or "clean coal", wich is (hello!) still coal, still burning and still making C02. Let's invest in the technology you've completely ignored for your entire presidency. Let's actually do something positive for the environment, to curb global warming.

Dear Senator McCain,
Don't run some stupid lie of a commercial saying that you "stood up to President Bush on his environmental policies" when you clearly are supporting offshore drilling! You are such a lying, conniving, disgusting politician. I can't imagine why anyone would even consider voting for you.


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Randi said...

Hear! Hear!

OBAMA/CLINTON - Make it happen!