Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First Memories

Do you remember your first memory? I was just thinking a while ago what my first memories are. I remember visiting PA when I was about 9mo old. I remember sleeping in my Aunt Bessie's attic in a crib with a stern picture of an older woman above me. I also remember sitting on the floor of my Uncle Bob's house, playing with the Kleenex box and eating the dog, Freddie's, food. Or maybe, trying to eat the food. I can remember the Christmas when I was 2 years old. My parents had gone kinda nuts, since it was the first Christmas I knew what was going on. I remember being really excited when I got up and my Mom making me wear some silly Christmas PJs. That year, I got this big cardboard house, which I think I had until I was 10 and had to move. It was painted to look like it had brick on the sides and flower pots all around. We had "jelly buttons" (English muffins with grape jelly) for breakfast and I was a bit overwhelmed from all the gifts and excitement. At some point, I went into my new house and sat by myself "just to get away". I then recall reaching out of the window and grabbing a present to open it. It wasn't a present for me, but I opened it anyways. I was disappointed because it was from my Grandma's friend, Jane Golby, who must have been 90 years old then. She lived in a rest home and made presents for everyone during craft time. I am sure it was something unappealing to my 2 year old self, so I threw it out the window of my brand new home.
My parents had a really nice backyard, with a pool and a swingset. I used to grab the hose attachment for watering plants and pretend it was a microphone. My stage name was Cindy Gargamel (of course, no relation to that evil Gargamel of the Smurfs fame) and I used to sing my heart out on the patio and "perform" for my folks. You don't realize what you put your parents through until you're older, eh?
My last memory I will bore you with was a time I was hanging out in the backyard with my Dad. He was watering plants or washing the patio off or something. I managed to fall into the mud, wearing al my clothes and my diaper. I was covered head to toe in mud - it was even in my ears! However, my only concern was my hands. I started screaming hysterically, "Wash hands! Wash hands!" As soon as my Dad had hosed off my hands, I was quite content to continue what I had been doing, even though my diaper now weighed about 30 lbs.

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Randi said...

Love this post, dude. Made me smile. I totally remember that cardboard house. Cresy.